How would you handle this situation? or How would you feel about living with one? Would it change anything you do at all?

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I don't know what i'd do.. I feel like I'd tolerate it and psychoanalyze them.. but I'd be very weirded out.

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I think that having a transgender roommate is not the end of the world. I know that a lot of people freak out about this kind of stuff but honestly if they're comfortable with who they are there's no reason for you not to be. I think that as long as this roommate doesn't do anything to hurt you or themselves, there shouldn't be a real problem with rooming with the person.

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It's just another person with all the faults and awesomeness you'll find in any other person. I'd have no problems with his or her gender identity. You can even think of it as a learning experience.

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Similar question, how can a transgender individual find rooming accommodations that others take for granted, what should they look for and where? Think about it, most transgender individuals aren't exactly completely and fully transitioned and are ambiguous socially and/or physically, particularly at a young age unless they're the child prodigies like Kim Petras for example...

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To the most recent post: my suggestion is to talk to the residential service people in your school and find out what you can do, you may be shocked at how helpful they can be
Personally, I don't see why having a transgender roommate should be a problem at all.  I have lots of transgender friends and all of them are pretty normal, functioning people.

Honestly, if you are uncomfortable with it I would A) look at it as a learning experience and try to accept that person as the normal person they are (after is all about accepting people who arent like you...what better way to do it than live with one) B) talk to residence life/an RA/someone dealing with the residence halls & talk to them about how you can deal with it in a kind & respectful manner (think about all the strife they've already received for being different..why add to it in a place they thought was supposed to be a fresh start & a place they could fit in)


How would I deal with it? I would look at it as a learning experience & maybe ask them questions about things I am curious about (respectfully of course). Depends on the person but I'm sure they would rather answer a few questions than be outcasted by their roommate.



I have a casual friend who lives in China, and just last night he asked me if there were lesbians in the U.S. I said yes and he was shocked, asking me if I was disgusted by this. I hadn't really thought about it. I never really thought about this situation, either.

I consider myself a pretty open person, so I would have to say I would probably be alright with it. I would rather live with a transgender person who was interesting or nice than a female who was an ---hole, at any rate. I think it would be a big change and I'm sure you would get at least a fair bit of gossip, but that's life. I'm sure I would act weird because it's a lifestyle I'm not familiar with.

There are a few people on my small campus who dress as the other gender on a daily basis. I've always been confounded, because one guy wears women's cloths and uses the women's restroom in public buildings, so I have always wondered if he lives in a male dorm or not.

Well, my girlfriend is male to female transsexual, and I'm in her room more than my room.  I really don't see the big deal, yet then again we are much more than randomly selected strangers. 


Even if my roommate is a randomly selected stranger, I wouldn't mind either way.  Maybe uncomfortable if the roommate is Female to Male transsexual, due to having a male roommate when I'm female, but I also wouldn't mind. 


At the same time, I've learned a thing or two about transgenders from my girlfriend.  I even have a best friend who is both male and female, which is under the umbrella term of Transgender. So I am only speaking from the fact that I know some people who are of the term transgender.

It wouldn't bother me at all.
Id love to hear a transgender persons story. Id take it as a learning experience from the start completely forgetting about the "oddness" per se
It wouldn't bother me in the least. I would be extremely curious and want to know what it's like to be transgendered, but I fully support the LGBT community, being a part of it myself. (:




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