Girlfriend bans boyfriend from hanging out with girl friends

Dear Harlan:

When a guy has a girlfriend, why can't he hang out with other girls?

I have no intention of doing anything with these girls, but my girlfriend doesn't like me spending time alone with female friends. What can I do to maintain female friends and still have a girlfriend? Is this normal?

One-Girl Limit

Dear One-Girl Limit:

The rule is: No hanging out with females excluding moms, sisters, female first cousins and lesbians with a committed partner of at least one year. Your girlfriend is just worried. She knows that friends hang out and hook up. It happens all the time. It happens in classrooms, in bedrooms and in movie trailers between scenes. She's not crazy for being concerned. And really, she might trust you. The problem might be trusting the girl friends. She might have been cheated on in the past or had a male friend in a relationship want to cheat with her. Find out what concerns her. If it's a trust issue, help her trust these girls. Hang out in a group. Double date. Let them be friends. Once she trusts these girls, she can trust you with them. As for hanging out with female friends when you have a girlfriend, it can change. Some girls won't mind, but then you have to worry about them hanging out with their horny guy friends. See the problem?

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